Outfit of the day: Tea time with friends

Léelo en español

In a blink of an eye, the first week of July is over. Due to the long weekend, I decided to go out with my friends for a tea time. The weather here is getting colder, so we were in the mood for a nice and hot meal.

We decided to try Posdata Cafe located in Miraflores. It’s a cozy coffee house that offers several dishes, but I really liked its desserts. I love Japanese desserts and sometimes they’re difficult to find, but I found several of my favourite ones here. I would definitely go back to have more yukamochi.

I went to Posdata Café yesterday and I loved all its Japanese dishes.

I didn’t want to wear that many colours today, so I went for an all black first layer with a pair of skinny black pants and a turtle neck top. I added some colour in my next layer with a pink tweed coat that I really like because I can wear it in both casual and formal occasions. I matched this outfit with a tote bag with pink details and a very comfortable pair of combat boots.

Combat boots are an item we should all have, specially if you’re like me and don’t like to wear sneakers that much, because you can match them with pants, midi skirts or even long dresses this winter.

I’m wearing my tote on repeat because it’s very useful!
Outfit details: Top from H&M, skinny pants from Mithos, coat from Coco Jolie (sold out), combat boots from Opposite and tote bag from Coach.

Wearing a neutral colour as a first layer and then a contrasting one in your last layer is a good way to maintain harmony in your outfit. I like doing this specially in winter because I can get creative with long cardigans or cozy coats.

I hope you liked the tip of the day for this winter and let me know with you prefer the most, sweaters or coats? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to check more about me.

Have a great weekend! Xoxo

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