Matching light colours for a casual weekend look

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When we think about winter outfits, we might think about combining darker colours, but this season is a good opportunity to wear light neutral colours in different outfits. Personally, I like wearing these colours in casual outfits because you might be wearing basic pieces, but still look sophisticated.

This weekend, I opted for this kind of outfit and selected my clothes based on a palette of very light colours. Since I was going to have lunch with friends, I decided to wear this pair of white pants and a turtle neck top. I’m not very much of a sneakers person, so I decided to wear a pair of animal print midi slingbacks for contrast, and a tote bag that matched the colours of my clothes. I decided to only wear a pair of hoop earrings to go a bit minimalist with my jewellery.

What I like about this combination is that if you want it to be more formal or casual, you’d just need to change some accessories and your shoes. For casual occasions, you can maintain the tote bag and the slingbacks, or you can match it with a pair of sneakers or even combat boots. While for more formal occasions, you can wear some high heels and a smaller bag, preferably of a matching solid colour, such as beige or brown, or black to make contrast.

Outfit details: pants and top from H&M, bag from Coach, slingbacks from Butrich and earrings from Marc Jacobs.

I’ve been meaning to write about this outfit for some time because I really think that these kind of neutral colours bring a good change for our winter outfits and give us the sensation of being elegant without much effort.

I hope you liked this outfit post and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to check more about me and let me know what do you think about these outfits.

Have a great week! Xoxo

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