Getting a new hairstyle for this winter

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Winter is officially here in this part of the world, so I decided to have a little makeover. Nothing too extreme, just a haircut and a treatment to keep my hair nourished.

Since I dye my hair regularly, it tends to get dry and frizzy. For that reason, I decided to get a hair mask and I’m really glad I did because you can see in the second picture how my hair looks shinier and healthier. I highly recommend you to get a treatment from time to time because your hair will thank you.

I like my long hair, but it was time for a change.
I only asked for a haircut, but my stylist thought some curls will look good too, so we had a little fun with it.

I also wanted to show you my outfit of the day. I decided to wear a vintage cashmere sweater that I got some years ago. I really like it because this material keeps me warm without having to wear more layers of clothing. I matched it with a pair of slim pants that go well with any type of shoes. However, I chose heels for this outfit to get a casual, but sophisticated look.

This is the kind of combination that you can wear all day for different occasions. The key is in the shoes, you can wear some combat boots or sneakers for school or even the office, and then, switch into some comfortable heels for some dinner plan or gathering where you need to be a little bit more formal.

Outfit details: Vintage cashmere sweater, pants from Elle, bag from Kate Spade and heels from Butrich.

I hope you enjoyed this little update on my week and my outfit idea. I love wearing sweaters in winter because they not only keep you warm, but you can also play with different combinations and wear them everywhere. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of me and remember we’ll have a new post on Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend! Xx

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