4 Ways to Wear over the Knee Boots

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Happy Tuesday! I hope you had a great weekend and prepared something nice for your dads. We gathered with the family and had a great time together.

In todays’s post I want to give you some tips on how to wear a very handy item for this season: over the knee boots. What I like about these boots is that they’re comfortable, cozy and will make you look stylish no matter what you’re wearing.

Wear them with dresses

One of the easiest ways to match over the knee boots is with bodycon dresses that will accentuate your figure, while the boots will make you look taller. You can add an extra layer with a long cardigan like the one I’m wearing in the picture or a coat. You can also wear knitted dresses for a more casual look, but make sure that they’re around the same length as the bodycon dresses.

Outfit details: Dress and boots from Romwe, cardigan from Mango and bag from Elle.

Wear them with pencil skirts

A simple, yet sophisticated way to match these boots is with pencil skirts. My favourite ones are made of tweed, like the one I’m wearing in the picture, and leather. I prefer wearing short skirts because that way my legs will look longer. However, you can also wear longer ones, but in that case, I’ll recommend you wearing tighter leather boots. These skirts look good with blouses and you can match them with a light coat or a leather jacket.

Outfit details: Blouse, skirt and boots from Romwe, and bag from Kate Spade.

Wear them with leggings

For a casual look, you can match these boots with leggings of a solid color, a chunky sweater and a nice cozy pashmina. Remember that the sweater has to be around your thighs because as Blair Waldorf says: leggings are not pants. If you want to wear a shorter sweater, you can switch the leggings for black pants or tight jeans (preferably of a dark blue hue).

Wear them with midi skirts

Finally, another easy way to wear these boots is with midi skirts. I always say that I love these skirts and one of the main reasons is because I can wear them all year long. You can match them with a button up blouse or a knit top inside the skirt or a chunky sweater over it.

Outfit details: Boots from Romwe, sweater from TopiTop and midi skirt from Zara.

I hope that you liked my picks for this post and let me know if you have more ways to wear over the knee boots. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram because I post pictures every day. Have a nice week!

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