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Hello everyone! It’s Friday again and this time I wanted to do a post related to that. For that reason and inspired by the casual Fridays, I wanted to show you an outfit idea for work, college or just to go out with friends.

Due to the rainy days we’ve been having in Lima lately, I consider that one of the key elements for this outfit is layering. Whether you’re staying at the office or just strolling around, having several layers of clothing will help you be prepared for any eventuality.

The main items I matched for this outfit are a pair of boyfriend jeans and a light sweater, which would be the first layer. Then, I added a wool pashmina as a second layer in order to keep myself warm when it’s colder, but not cold enough to wear something else. However, for a colder weather, I also opted for a wool felt coat that is not that thick either.

In case you want to upgrade this look a bit, I’ll recommend you to switch the jeans to a pair of black pants, specially the tailored kind. You could also, wear a belt with a nice silver or golden buckle to give some shine to the outfit. And lastly, you could choose booties with thinner heels or you could even wear high heels.

Outfit details: Boyfriend jeans from Romwe, sweater from H&M and booties from Zara. I got this coat like 5 years ago, but you can find a similar one here. Regarding the pashmina, I got it several years ago in Cusco and it’s made of alpaca wool, but you can buy a similar one here.

I hope you liked this outfit idea. I chose it because it’s versatile and you can match colours and textures the way you like it. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to know more about my daily life and remember I’ll publish a new post on Tuesday.

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