Know your Manicure: Traditional vs Gel

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I’ve always been a big fan of painting my nails and changing colours almost every week, but after I finished university I didn’t have enough time any more and started to painting my nails occasionally. But just some time ago, I found out about the gel manicure and it’s my favourite manicure now.

For that reason, today I wanted to tell you which are the main differences and advantages of the traditional and the gel manicure. So. today I went to Isabel Moya Beauty Lounge to change the color with a gel manicure.

Traditional manicure

This is the one we can do ourselves at home because you don’t need any professional equipment and because it’s easy to remove. It’s also better for people who like to change colours frequently.

The cons for this kind of manicure are that it doesn’t last long if you are not careful enough, so you’d have to retouch your nails after a few days. Also, you’ll have to wait until the nail polish dries completely to apply a new coat. So, it’s not very practical if you’re in a hurry.

Gel manicure

The process for gel manicure is faster than the traditional one because they use a LED light lamp to dry the nail polish, which takes like a minute between coats. This kind of manicure will last between 3 to 4 weeks and it will not get damaged easily, so you’ll just have to change it when your nails are long enough.

The cons for this kind of manicure are that you’ll need to go back to the salon to take the polish off your nails because the process is a bit different from the traditional. Likewise, gel manicure is pricier than the traditional one and depending on the places, you might be charged double.

Personally, I do like changing colours every week, but if I paint my nails on a Sunday, I’d have to retouch them on Wednesday because the nail polish will start to chip. So, if I know that I’ll have busy weeks, I’ll opt for a gel manicure because I won’t have to worry about my nails getting damaged and because they will look good every day.

I hope this post was useful for you because I didn’t know the difference between both kinds of manicure either at first. Let me know which kind of manicure is your favourite. Maybe you like acrylic nails, do you think we should talk about them? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to know more about me because I post pictures every day. Have a great week!

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