3 Ways to Wear Vinyl Pants

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It’s Tuesday again and it means that it’s time for a new post. Fall is almost over in this part of the world and every day is getting chillier, so I thought it would be a good idea to talk about another piece that will keep yourself warm and will always make you look stylish. I’m talking about vinyl pants.

Vinyl items in general were very popular last winter, but pants and leggings are pieces that are here to stay because they can be worm in almost every occasion. These kind of pants will be the centre of every outfit and here are some ways in which you can wear them.

Wear them with sweaters

This is an eye-catching item, so it will look good with sweaters in lighter colours. In this outfit I’m wearing a champagne sweater with golden accents, but I’d also love to match it with a pink or green sweater. Neon colours are very trendy right now, so you can’t go wrong if you choose one of those hues.

Outfit details: Sweater from Elle and vinyl pants from Romwe.

Wear them with blouses

In case you want to wear a lighter top, you can go for a button up or lace blouse to get a sophisticated and feminine look. Match it with some layers of necklaces for a more dramatic look. In case you need to add a layer to your outfit, you can wear a grey tartan blazer for a relaxed look or you can choose a more vibrant colour for an edgier look.

Outfit details: Blouse from Banana Republic and vinyl pants from Romwe.

Wear them with big coats

The best match for a key element like vinyl pants are a dramatic coat. This one can be the final layer for any sweater or blouse you choose for this look. Any outfit will look great with a teddy bear, wool or faux fur coat. You can also opt for an animal print coat, which is on right now!

Outfit details: Sweater from H&M, sherpa coat from MKT Studio and vinyl pants from Romwe.

Regarding shoes, if you are looking for a casual look, I’d go for booties, combat boots or sneakers. However, you can also choose a nice pair of stilettos that will make you look sophisticated and poised.

I hope you liked these tips for vinyl pants and that you dare to wear them. I can say that these are that versatile and comfy that I wouldn’t mind wear them every day. Follow me on Instagram if you want to know more about me and don’t forget that I’ll publish a new post on Friday.

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