3 Products to Maintain your Lips Hydrated

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Hi everybody! I hoped you had a great weekend and that you pampered your mums in their day. There was also a new Game of Thrones episode on Sunday. What do you think about it? I personally don’t like what they’ve done with Daenerys (although I kind of expected it) or the season in general. Let’s just wait for the final episode this week.

One of the things I’ve always struggled with is chapped lips. That’s usually caused by not drinking enough water or changes in the weather. For that reason, today I wanted to share with you some of the products I use that help my lips stay hydrated, but remember that if your problem is serious, you have to ask your dermatologist for a special cure for you.

  1. The Naked Bee lip balm: This is my favourite lip balm when I feel that my lips are extra dry. As soon as I apply it I feel they are moisturised and I don’t even have to apply a lot of it. Another brand I really like is Burt’s Bee, they offer several scents and the effect is the same as with The Naked Bee lip balms.
  2. Eva’s Passion lip balm: I apply this lip balm whenever I’m going to wear some non-hydrating lipstick or just to avoid chapped lips. This one contains petroleum jelly and its very handy. I also take it with me when I’m travelling.
  3. Hydrating lipsticks: Last but not least, my always trusty hydrating lipsticks. I used to avoid lipstick because I thought that all of them made my lips got chapped, but then I started trying several brands until I found the ones that worked for me, among the ones I have my favourite one is the Dior lipstick because its soft and hydrating.

Some other things you have to take into account when you’re looking for lip balms is that although the ones that contain mint might be refreshing, this ingredient tend to dry your lips. Try looking for lip balms that contain honey or petroleum jelly because those are really effective. Lastly, don’t forget to drink loads of water and scrub your lips from time to time to get rid of dead skin.

I hope these tips help you and let me know if you have another favourite products or secrets to have your lips healthy. If you want to know more about me, follow me on Instagram because I post pictures every day. Have a great week and read you all on Friday!

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