My Shopping Experience in Asos

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Hello everyone! It’s Friday again and it means that it’s time for a new post. I think this week passed in a flash, but I’m not complaining because I really wanted the weekend to come again.

I told you before that I really enjoy shopping online because, for me, it’s easier to look for products and saves you time. So, this time I’m going to talk about my experience with another online store: Asos. I’ve known of this store for a while now and when I realised they shipped to Peru, I had to try this store.

Blouse from River Island, paper bag pants from Asos and Butrich shoes.

Blouse from River Island, skirt from Boohoo and Butrich shoes.

The first thing you need to do is create an account (you can also sign up with Facebook, Google and Twitter). Then, you should complete your personal information and payment method (you can pay with PayPal too!). I used the app to make my purchase and I really liked that you can save the items you like and organise them in boards. When I shop online, I usually shop for something special or an event, and it’s a very good idea to organise your findings! One more thing I liked is that aside from the photos, you can see a short video of the item you are looking for. That way you can really see how it looks when you wear it.

After I selected my items, I proceeded to checkout. Asos offer three options, standard shipping (takes around 3 weeks), express shipping (takes around a week) and premier shipping (takes 3-4 days when you pay a yearly fee of $39). Since it was my first time buying in the store, I chose the standard shipping, which is free if you spend $63 or more. The express shipping was $32 dollars and it varies depending on which country you are.

My parcel was supposed to arrive after three weeks, but the postal service here is so slow that I got it 2 months later. My items came in an Asos bag like you can see in the picture, although I would have preferred them to be packaged in a box. I hope that if I ever order shoes or accessories, they come in a box because the items will be better protected that way. Other than that, I consider the everything was okay with the package and the items.

I actually ordered a dress with this order, but it didn’t come. I contacted customer support and they replied to me within 24 hours. They explained to me that they have sent me a message explaining that the item was out of stock when they had to pack it (I suppose the message is in my junk folder) and that they refunded me the price of the dress. They took the time to explain and even added the dates for everything, so I am happy with their service. Lastly, I would definitely buy again in Asos because I liked the variety of brands and products (they offer more than 200 brands). However, I’ll try to select express shipping next time to see how fast I get my parcel.

I hope you found this post helpful and if you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Instagram. Hope you have a great weekend! ❤

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