3 Ways to Wear a Bow Blouse

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Happy Friday everyone! The end of the work week is finally here and I’m really looking forward to rest a bit and watch the new episode of Game of Thrones. I’m also excited because the weather is still changing and is a bit colder every day, and closer to my favourite season: winter.

For that reason, I thought it would be a good idea to give you some outfit options for these chilly days in this part of the world. This time, I will show you three outfits wearing the same garment, which is a bow blouse that you can wear for different occasions, maybe for dinner, work or just because you feel like. I’m also wearing the same mini bag in all outfits because this kind of bags are very versatile!

This first outfit can be worn for any casual occasion. Here, I’m matching the blouse with a pair of boyfriend jeans and an animal print belt. Belts are a very popular accessory right now and can upgrade every look. I’m also wearing a black mini bag and pair of velvet stilettos that match the colour of the blouse (and my hair) and because these kind of heels make your legs look longer, so if you’re a little short like me, it’s a good option. If you prefer to wear shoes with less heel, you can wear some slingbacks or a pair of flats. If you need to wear something warm, you can also wear a blazer or a jacket with this outfit.

Outfit details:

  • Blouse and jeans from Romwe. This is one of my favourite online stores, you can shop here.
  • Belt and stilettos from Butrich. You can find these items in the store in Miraflores or the website.
  • Mini bag from Kate Spade. I bought this one in Saga Falabella, but you can also find this brand in Shopbop.

The second outfit is a little bit more formal. I’m matching my blouse and mini bag with a tweed mini skirt and over the knee boots. I believe these kind of boots are a basic item in our wardrobes because you can wear them with mini skirts like in this outfit or even with pants when there’s a very cold day and you need to keep your legs warm; you can even wear them with midi skirts. If you don’t want to wear over the knee boots, you can wear this outfit with black tights and pumps. Lastly, in case of a cold day, you can always wear a cosy coat with this look.

Outfit details:

  • This is a full Romwe outfit! The blouse, skirt and boots are from this website.
  • Mini bag from Kate Spade. I bought this one in Saga Falabella, but you can also find this brand in Shopbop.

The last outfit of today is a mix between a casual and a formal outfit. I’m matching the blouse with several black items: a pair of skinny pants, a pair of boots and my mini bag. I’m giving an element of colour to this outfit with my pink tweed coat. In a really cold day, I would wear over the knee boots to keep myself warm or a pair of leather pants.

Outfit details:

  • Blouse from Romwe.
  • Pants from Element.
  • Boots from Zara. I actually bought this pair of boots like two years ago.
  • Mini bag from Kate Spade. I bought this one in Saga Falabella, but you can also find this brand in Shopbop.
  • Coat from Coco Jolie. They sell really cool items and they know have an online store.

I hope you enjoyed my options of today. I’m really excited for winter because I can match several items to feel warm, I feel more creative in that season. Don’t forget I’ll publish a new post on Tuesday and if you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Instagram because I post photos every day. Have a lovely weekend! ❤

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