Outfit of the Week: Maxi Dress

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Hi everyone! How have you been these days? I’m sorry for being absent these two weeks. I really wanted to write the posts while I was in Los Angeles, but I found myself with very little time. My days were divided in working at the office and nights out visiting new places with my colleagues, and by the time I came back I was exhausted. But, I do have lots of things to show you from LA, so wait for the following posts.

Today I want to show you the outfit I wore last Friday for the Peruvian Fashion Council Pop Up exhibit at the MATE Museum. The objective of this event was to gather several Peruvian designers to promote the local industry internationally. After I visited all the stands and checked all the amazing designs, I entered the museum itself to finally see some of the photo shoots of the great Mario Testino. If you’re  in Lima, you should definitely go and visit the museum. My favourite exhibit was the one of Princess Diana, you can even see the dress she wore for that photo shoot in the museum, ¡a must!

The outfit I chose for that occasion was simple, yet suitable for the occasion. I wore a navy blue maxi dress that I combined with one of my favourite platform shoes (these shoes were the main item of the outfit). I really love these shoes because they combine several details, like an embroidered tiger in the heels and animal print motifs. Regarding the accessories, I chose a black mini bag and several golden pieces of jewellery to give some shine to the outfit.

I decided to use this kind of dress because it’s easy to wear, but you’d still look sophisticated. Also, because the weather is still warm during the day, but not warm enough to wear shorter dresses. If you want to wear this kind if dress all day, you can also wear it with a leather jacket or even a sweater if the weather gets too chilly. Regarding the shoes, this kind of dresses look good with platform shoes, wedges or even flat sandals if you want something more casual.

Outfit details:

  • Maxi dress from Emma & Michele. I found it in Ross and I was very happy about it because it’s very hard for me to find a nice maxi dress for petites.
  • Platform shoes from Butrich. You can find them in her flagship store or in her website.
  • Mini bag from Kate Spade. I bought this one in Saga Falabella, but you can also order this brand from Shopbop.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for having me patience this time. Now that I came back from my trip, I’m ready to publish normally. Don’t forget that if you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Intagram because I publish daily. Hope you enjoy the post and see you on Friday!

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