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TGIF everyone! I hope your week passed as fast as mine. I’m writing from Los Angeles. I really like this city and the weather, and I cannot wait to explore it all!

Today’s post might be a bit short, but I hope you find it useful anyway. I want to show you what the items I take with me in my bag, specially for long flights like the one I just had yesterday. Up next you’ll see my top 8 when it comes to fliying.

1. Bag: Depending on the amount of things you’ll need, take a camera bag like me or a tote bag to keep all your personal items in one place.

2. Reading glasses: If you need glasses, do not try to flight wearing your contact lenses because you can damage your eyes if you don’t take them off. Your reading glasses will help you feel comfortable.

3. Earphones: I think this is a must for everyone if you don’t want to get bored on the plane.

4. Sunglasses: Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your bag because you never know if it will be too sunny and it’s important to take care of your eyes.

5. Cushion foundation: This is a must for me because this particular type of foundation let me maintain my face hydrated and it’s not liquid like the other types, so you won’t have any problem travelling with it.

6. Lipstick: This particular type of lipstick is super hydrating and will prevent your lips from getting chapped after the flight. Also because a little bit of colour will make you look less tired (which is all of us after travelling).

7. Hand cream: I used to think that my skin wasn’t affected when I travelled, but it does. Take with you a travel size hand cream to maintain your skin soft.

8. Lip balm: It will help you maintain your lips hydrated during the flight.

I didn’t put this on the list, but it’s important that you take something to keep yourself warm, a jacket or a sweater will do, because even though we get a blanket, the temperature tends to drop a lot.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take in your bag your important items, such as money or jewellery to avoid any problems.

I hope you find this little tips useful and let me know if you have other items that you consider your essentials. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram as @mayragmasson to me more of me daily. Have a lovely weekend!

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