Two Rock Inspired Outfits

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Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s been a crazy week for me because I still need to finish my luggage for the trip and get all my work ready, that’s why I couldn’t post anything on Instagram yesterday!

It’s been a while since I travelled, so I’m very excited and can’t wait to see my friends in LA! But, before I leave Lima for some weeks, there’s one more event I need to attend: The Arctic Monkeys concert. Thus, inspired by the concert, I want to show you two different outfits inspired by my favourite music genre: rock.

These outfits have two pieces in common, which are a basic pair of black pants that I bought some time ago for just $18 and my belt bag from Kendall+Kylie that I bought in Shopbop. These black pants are one of my favourite pieces of my wardrobe because I wear them regularly in autumn and winter (and I actually have two identical pants). Likewise, I chose this belt bag because is very handy when you are going to be in a crowded place or if you cannot take too many things with you. I also like it because I can wear it as a clutch and a shoulder bag.

This first outfit is more relaxed, but still stylish. I’m combining a basic striped T-shirt (you can wear any basic t-shirt you want) with the black pants and the belt bag with animal print for a touch of colour. I’m finishing this outfit with a pair of black ankle boots with double buckles that are super comfortable. If you want to switch shoes, this outfit also looks good with combat boots because that kind of shoes will let you walk or dance without making you tired.

Outfit details:

  • Striped t-shirt from H&M.
  • Black pants from Mithos.
  • Belt bag from Kendall+Kylie via Shopbop.
  • Ankle boots from Romwe.

The second outfit of today is a little less casual than the other and features only black pieces. I combined the pants with a delicate black crop top with lace that give a strong, but feminine touch to the outfit. Just like in the previous one, I used the belt bag to give a little bit of colour to this look and used heeled ankle boots to give the illusion of longer legs. If you want this combination to have more personality, I would add a leather jacket or more golden accessories for contrast.

Outfit details:

  • Black crop top with lace from H&M.
  • Black pants from Mithos.
  • Belt bag from Kendall+Kylie via Shopbop.
  • Ankle boots from Zara.

Lastly, another piece that would look really good with both outfits is a pair of washed out jeans, but preferably, ones that aren’t too tight to maintain the relaxed and rock inspired style. You could even complete the look with a nice belt that makes contrast with the jeans. Likewise, you can even wear some leather pants to achieve a stronger appearance. The important thing is that you have fun with the combinations to reflect your own style.

As always, I hope you liked the outfits I presented you today and if you want to see more about me, you can follow me on Instagram as @mayragmasson and don’t forget that I’ll publish a new post on Friday. ❤

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