Outfit Option for a Casual Breakfast

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New week, new post! The ones who know me are aware that mi favourite food is the breakfast and it’s one of the few reasons why I’d wake up early. So, in order to honour my favourite food of the day, today I’ll show you an outfit option for a casual breakfast in summer.

I used this outfit some days ago, when I went to have breakfast at Homemade, a restaurant located in Calle Revett 259, Miraflores. I highly recommend it if you like breakfast or brunch as much as me because they have a great variety of options for everyone.

Since the restaurant has a homelike ambience, I thought I could wear something comfortable and summery. The main element of this outfit is an animal print pleated midi skirt that can be worn in casual and formal outfits. I combined it with a white crop top with puff sleeves. For this time, I wore flat golden sandals with an oversized ribbon on them to give it some shine to the outfit. Finally, I wore my monstera earrings for the final summer touch.

Regarding accessories for this outfit, you could wear a mini bag of some neutral or vibrant colour, but if you need to take more things with you, you can wear it with a tote bag to maintain the relaxed style of the outfit. If you need to elevate this style, you could switch the flat sandals for some slingbacks or platforms of the colour you wish.

Here are the outfit details:

  • Animal print pleated skirt from Zara. I bought this skirt some months ago and it’s my go-to item for different occasions.
  • White crop top from Coco Jolie. You can now find this brand in the web too.
  • Golden sandals and monstera earrings from Butrich. I think there are still some shoes from the summer collection in sale.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this recommendation and sorry for the animal print spam, but this skirt is so versatile that I had to recommend it to you. Don’t forget that we have a new post on Friday. ❤

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